Thursday, September 17, 2009


This is Cooper.....he is the most playful of the six, he loves to attack his brothers and sisters with his stealth suprise attacks.

As you can see he is a full orange tabby, with a short tail like his mom.

Here is Bella. She is a calico, and can be found following her sister Stella everywhere she goes.

She has a full length tail.
Here is Stella, she can be found climbing into every basket or box.  With her sister by her side.  Where there is one, you'll find the two.
She also has a full tail.
This is Tubs...mainly because he loves two things, attention and food.  You'll find him always at your feet wanting you to rub his belly.
He has half a tail.
This is Angus. he was the first to be born.  He is the quiet one who loves to go explore, the first to climb up the gate and figure how to get out of his room. He has no tail at all.
And this is JUNE BUG!  She was born with Angus, and they are best friends.  But June Bug is quiet and very ladylike.  She loves to be held and carried, she is a bit spoiled.
June Bug has half a tail.
Ok,  so here is our little six kittens we are looking for homes for.  So call me if interested~ But let me leave you with this picture!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Megan and Dave Got Married!!!

This was an amazing wedding, and photog could not ask for more.  She is stunning, he is not only handsome, but a photographers dream, he is game for anything, and has more fn in front of the camera then anyone I've seen!