Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Family Event Sneak Peek

Thank you to all the families that came out for the Fall Family Event!!

So just when you thought the fun was over I have a curve ball for all the families that attended the event. Are you ready.....ready for a fun contest? Ok here you go...

For any of the families that had pictures done at the event on Saturday you have till this Sunday at midnight to get as many comments on your pictures as possible. The family with the most comments on their pictures win....(drum roll please)......a FREE cd of all of their images from that day. Yes, I said FREE, this is a $100 value.

So here is the only rule, I will only count one comment per person. This means that if Uncle Bob comments four times on each of your pictures I will only count him one time.
PLEASE NOTE: Comments on FACEBOOK or the BLOG count. For FACEBOOK comment under the picture, for the BLOG you will need to put your comment and state which photo you are commenting on!! This way people who do not have a FACEBOOK can still enter. CLICK HERE to go to my FACEBOOK page, you must "like" the page to comment.

So go! Let the games begin!! You have till Sunday to get all your friends and family members to help you! Oh, and yes, you can start the game off and comment yourself!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby Bump~ Baby Bump~

I fell in love with this farm and in love with this couple. This was our first time meeting and I am so happy for them and their bundle of joy coming any day now. They make such a cute couple!

Pinsel Family

I love this family, these boys are so sweet and so handsome! And mom and dad aren't too shabby themselves :)

Nina's Baby Bump

Any day now Nina will be bringing a bundle of joy home from the hospital, till then belly pictures will be what we can do to capture the amazing beauty coming from this mom to be. And that hubby of hers is pretty easy on the eyes too :) I am so happy for you both! Sending tons and tons of love your way, and don't forget extra treats for your first baby, your puppy!

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Million Faces

I adore this baby girl, my favorite part about all her pictures, not one looks the same, she makes the best faces and has the cutest face!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby Brayden~ A Boy After My Heart!

I love him...and I think he just may love me, though Sam was there and he did smile when she would talk to him....so maybe these smiles aren't for me. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cameron & Colleen's Wedding

This was one of the most romantic weddings, it was a first for a lot of things. A first wedding at a lighthouse for me (which was amazing) and it was Colleen's and Cameron's first kiss!!! How romantic! So for this sneak peek I am going with a romantic theme! Thank you both for letting me be a part of your special day!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

October BIA Event

Ok...the location has been picked....it will be disclosed at a later time....but I will say we will be hosting this one in Milawaukee in one of the hottest spots. If you were ever wanting to book one of these sessions...but were hesitant this is the time, I am really excited about this venue.

You could even book a party, bring some girlfriends and then afterwards go out downtown and make a night of it!

These events book fast so let me know if you are interested~ shoot me an e-mail @ d.mariephotography@yahoo.com

Fall Family Portrait Event

Want to join the Fall Family Portrait Event? One hour sessions, no sitting fees, unlimited pictures, 2 outfit changes.....and on top of that prints start at only 60 cents for a 4x6....I don't think this deal can get any better.

E-mail me to book your timeslot....they book fast so don't wait. And are you a fan on Facebook? If not, hurry up and do it and check out the facebook promo to enter for a chance to win your shoot for free!!!!