Monday, June 29, 2009

Mike & Megan's Wedding

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and there were lots of fluffy white clouds in the sky.  I started the day early hanging out with the ladies and then we moved on to the salon, then to church and then to the reception.  And what a night, I have never seen so many people packed on a dance floor at once.  Every was was soo nice and soooo much fun!

The amazing and stunning dress fit perfect for this amazing and stunning bride!

OMGosh!  Can we say stunning again!

I love me some bubbles!

Megan is a teacher, and some of her kids came to the church, she was soo excited!

Grandma and Grandpa with their adorable granddaughters,  whom I loved!!  I got so many great pictures of these two girls.  And if their mom and dad are reading this, do not forget to e-mail me like you promised.  You are truely talented and I have to have some of that jewlery you make!

Megan was so much fun, and so willing to work with my crazy ideas.

Look at these studs!

And here are the ladies workin it!

Can we say beautiful couple!  Oh and congrats Mike for passing your exam!!

These two ladies are the flower girls and were amazing!  The were so much fun and loved ever bit of being in front of the camera.  And their mom and dad were just as much fun.  Mom is expecting so I think a maternity shoot is in order!

All day Megan was a bundle of joy and excitment at the idea of being Mrs. Mike, and you can see that in this picture.

Thank you Mike and Megan for letting me a part of your special day!  

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


One more update!! I couldn't resist posting a few more.....keep posted as by popular demand another CHI-TOWN Photo Event will be coming soon!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mel and Matt

I think this was one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen, it made me want to get married all over again.  The color and the material were timeless!

I love this picture, it shows both of them so perfectly, she adores him and he loves her so fully!

These guys were way too much fun!

This little guy was adorable, it took him awhile to warm up to me, but he really knows how to work the camera!

Here the ladies are working it, I think they may have topped the men :)

Pure Beauty!

I had to post this, I couldn't resist showing how determined the flower girl was!

Everyone loves a little THRILLER!

I think this is one of my faorite dancing pictures, it was the last dace of the night.  It was a perfect way for them to end the evening out on the dance floor.

What a day!  From the limo not showing up, to running around Tulsa to each location I was needed.  But all and all it was an amazing day.  The bride was beuatiful, the groom handsome, and the family...oh what can I say about this amazing family.  First off let me tell you how much I loved the grooms niece.  She adored the bride and groom, and it showed.  She even cried during after the bride and groom said their I do's.  Ok, she is only about 8, it was the most tender moment I have ever witnessed.  Yes...I am a sap and I cried while trying to focus through m lens.  But how could ou not!  She is the cutest thing and so happy for her uncle.  Her mom and dad should be proud what a sweet humble little girl they raised!

Ok, see what I mean: