Monday, June 8, 2009

Liza and Bubba + Bubba Jr

Funny story on this picture.  You see we were going to do that traditional mens shirt picture, but then I asked for something David loved, because these two are the coolest two people you could ever meet.  I think this is my favorite maternity picture ever, because it really is beautiful with a touch of rock!

This picture is just for Liza's dad, he wanted a picture in front of his prized fig tree.....I think it turned out super cool!

Liza had a mold made of her stomach, so we gave David a chance to see what it could be like...minus the pains, swollen feet, tiredness, etc.


Anonymous said...

HOLY TOLEDO DANI!! LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM... Can't wait to see the rest.. I have been so impatient checking your site everyday but not wanting to be a pain and bug you - well I am glad I waited - you did a GREAT job - so very freakin cool!! Thanks again - looking forward to seeing you after lil louie is born!! :) xoxo Liza & Bubba

J@KE said...

these shots are totally amazing!!!!! I love them all!!!! You rock hardcore!

J@KE said...

these shots are amazing!!!! you did an amazing job!!! You totally rock hardcore!!!!