Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yeseina & Gabriel | Chicagoland Wedding

This was a beautiful wedding!! Every detail was amazing, and the bride and notch! Yesenia and Gabriel made me feel like I was one of their friends in the wedding, not someone they hired for their wedding day. Not to mention their family and friends were just as amazing.
Yesenia, you look amazing and so beautiful, you were one of the coolest, calmest, and best brides I have been able to ever work with. And Gabriel, you are a catch! I loved watching you watch Yesenia. Your eyes tell it all, the love you two have is a love that will last lifetimes! I am truly blessed you allowed me to be a part of your special day, and for that I thank you!

A special shout out to my all time favorite wedding planner who made Yesenia and Gabriel's day magical, Sharokina from Citygirl Weddings. You are amazing, and if any future brides are reading this, Sharokina makes your day unfold into something amazing. This way you get to sit back and enjoy it! So bravo Shar!

Also a shout out to my favorite makeup artist Vanessa from Vanessa's Art of Beauty. Like we were talking about that morning, there are makeup ladies that come to these weddings and then their are makeup ARTISTS, and you are an artist. I love your talent!

And lastly, I have to give props for Angel the DJ. I have come across so many DJ's who just pop in a cd, or hit play on a computer, not Angel. He gets the people on the dance floor, and he gets the party started! Bravo Angel from Spark Chicago DJ's.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Miss Megan | Portrait Session

Megan did such an amazing job modeling for me this weekend, I promise you are going to see more posts of her in the future. She already plans on working on an upcoming project of mine. Thanks Megan for coming out my way and entrusting me enough to go to weird and crazy places for your shoots! Love ya!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kisbac Family New Addition | Palatine IL

Most babies 10 days and younger spend the shoot sleeping, this little guy was wide awake. He wasn't about to miss hanging out with me for anything. But my super powers and a extra dose of milk knocked him out long enough to gets those sweet cheeks (both top and bottom) sound asleep for some amazing shots. No worries, his awake ones were awesome also!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paluch Family | St. Louis MO

I met this couple years ago at the Varda wedding. Another one of the many couple I have been blessed to photograph on their special day. Right off the bat I feel in love with Ryan and Jessica. Ryan even made me dance on the dance floor with him and at one point decided I needed to dance and he would be the photographer ;) These two are one of the couples you just know are fun, humble, and just filled with AWESOMENESS! Yes I said awesomeness. :) So not too long after they had the beautiful Payton! And she is cute as a button! But these 3 live in one of my favorite cities, St. Louis. So they have come up here for pictures and this time I got to go there for pictures! I can't wait to see them again! I am thinking for some belly pictures....hint hint!! Get on it you two, you know already know you make cuteness!

Love you three tons! And much love to Jen and Pat for bringing us together, now Pat and Jen this is your que for belly pictures also!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mautner Family | Northbrook IL

I did this little peanuts mom's belly pictures a month ago. Such a sweet family!

Dad is a red head, and I may not be able to tell the future, but I am thinking this cutie is going to take after daddy. :) Love it!!