Sunday, April 26, 2009


I had so much fun shooting with Claire this morning!  She was willing to get in some crazy poses even when she had an audience! LOL!  Thanks Claire, this shots are so beautiful, there are so many I had a hard time picking a few to post, can't wait to send you the rest!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hot Mama~~WARNING~~ Not A PG Pic!!

Bet you didn't know I do boudoir pics.....can you say H.O.T!

Baby Rachel Grace

I was able to go and shoot Rachel (sorry Jake, you were my angel to offer to help out, and then last minute everything fell into place and I was able to make the trip).  This was Rachel's first shoot, like all babies she had moments where she wanted no part in the acivity.  But I think that's just cause she was so hungry.  She is such a beautiful baby, and you can see where her good looks come from.  Not only is her mom so striking and her dad extra handsome, but just look at her older sister Rose.  I see modeling in her future.  Heck that kid had better hair then me (trust me that's not hard to do), really, she looked like she was getting read for a photoshoot for Gap.
Thank you to all 3 of you for letting me be a part of this, there is nothing I love more then capturing these moments.


Hanging with Jacob, Christian, Andrew, and their grandma!

Here are just a few, I have had a very busy past few weeks, but wanted you to see what I've been up to.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby Dedication

I LOVE being a part of these special days.  I remember watching a outdoor baptism at home.  They did a special one at the local park when they held an outdoor service.  The day couldn't have been any more beautiful, it was like God was smiling at all his children down below walking into the water.  The ceremony above was held at this great little church in Vinetta, OK.  Everyone was so warm and welcoming.