Sunday, April 26, 2009


I had so much fun shooting with Claire this morning!  She was willing to get in some crazy poses even when she had an audience! LOL!  Thanks Claire, this shots are so beautiful, there are so many I had a hard time picking a few to post, can't wait to send you the rest!


Anonymous said...

These are swesomne my friend!!!! Great job!!!! Cant wait for you to come do ours!

Love Ya!


Enoch Photography said...

Hey Dani! I just updated my blog bookmark for you ... I was still at the DnB Photography. Good to see you! I looked through all your work on this updated blog. Fantastic! AND... I used to live in Tulsa. It really is lovely... the Spring and Fall there are awesome.

Oh and great job on this shoot. Lovely model... great locations - awesome job! //enoch

Meg Gustafson said...

i love the photo with the train and the conductor watching the photoshoot!