Friday, July 30, 2010

Chagoya Family Shoot Sneak Peek~

This is one of the MOST beautiful families ever!!!!! And you know they get a major plus in my book since they brough Oscar along!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jackie~~~Chicagoland Senior Photographer

Jackie is an amazing and beautiful girl, this was one of the best shoots. And super funny, I mean imagine your at your first location and after shooting there you find out that her dad works for the Metra and the one place he told her not to go is the train tracks. LOL!! You gotta laugh, thanks Jackie for getting me in trouble with your dad :) But he is going to have to admidt it...the track pictures rock!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bare It All Event~Boudoir Photographer

Well, another sucessful Bare It All Event, for the ladies that wished they could make this one, make sure you check out my website for more examples from the event. Also check my events page for the date for the next event, they book up fast so start planning now :)

And for a teaser, here is my favorite pick of the night, she knows who she is and she should know she was on fire and one hot mama!!

Trash The Dress~ Chicagoland Photographer

Trash The Dress Sessions~ they give the bride a chance to pull out that wedding dress and get down to business. Maybe they didn't get a lot of time to take some pictures on their wedding day, maybe they want to do some pictures for their anniversary, or maybe they want to just get out there and do something more fun then leaving the dress in the box. I have yet to have a bride do one of these and actually "trash" their dress. So here is a beautiful example, and see if you can figure out this brides theme....

Once upon a time.....there was a beautiful maiden....who was invited to a ball, well you know the story........

After losing her shoe, she pondered what to do today....

Eat an apple....naw..those could kill ya...

So she decided instead to go visit her grandma....

But she had a feeling she was being followed.....

He frightened her at first, but after a good shave, he cleaned up pretty well....

It looked like she found her prince inside that beast after all.....

In fact they did find happiness at the end of a yellow brick road...

Not just any happiness, but Happily Ever After happiness!!

Haderly Family- Chicagoland Family Photographer

I love photographing families that see my vision and trust in my sometimes quirky ways! I *heart* this family, they endured the swarms of bugs, rought terrian, and the pesky rangers all for a shoot with muah!

Williams Family~ Chicagoland Family Photographer

This family is one of the most beautiful families, I mean look at all these blue eyes!!!

Most of these photos were for Penelope's birthday so I don't want to show many of them, so enjoy the sneak peek below.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Looks

I always envy my Cali photographer friends because First Looks are the in thing to do for weddings. But here in the midwest it has not caught on as well. So what is a first look you ask? Well, they are my favorite thing, it is when the bride and groom meet before the wedding to have one on one time and we document the entire process. I love these, to me they are so intimate, so personal, and you really get a chance to see the emotions between two people so in love.

So if you are scoping me out for your wedding and you are on the fence about First Looks, all I can say is "You can do it!!!" in my best Rob Schneider voice LOL!! As a photographer I love it because it frees up so much time to take more pictures. With the couple below we were able to go to multiple locations, even the place they went to where he purposed!.

And nothing is more exciting then when they show up with props!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Love you Matt and A and I can not wait to get started on your trash the dress pictures!!

And for you that are like what the heck is a trash the dress.....I will post on those when I do their sneak peek!!