Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Looks

I always envy my Cali photographer friends because First Looks are the in thing to do for weddings. But here in the midwest it has not caught on as well. So what is a first look you ask? Well, they are my favorite thing, it is when the bride and groom meet before the wedding to have one on one time and we document the entire process. I love these, to me they are so intimate, so personal, and you really get a chance to see the emotions between two people so in love.

So if you are scoping me out for your wedding and you are on the fence about First Looks, all I can say is "You can do it!!!" in my best Rob Schneider voice LOL!! As a photographer I love it because it frees up so much time to take more pictures. With the couple below we were able to go to multiple locations, even the place they went to where he purposed!.

And nothing is more exciting then when they show up with props!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Love you Matt and A and I can not wait to get started on your trash the dress pictures!!

And for you that are like what the heck is a trash the dress.....I will post on those when I do their sneak peek!!


Michelle said...

My name is Michelle Vicencio and my husband and I got married on Halloween 2009 in Lake Geneva, WI. How would I go about scheduling a "Trash the Dress" session this fall? I became a Fan on Facebook and been looking at all your pictures and they are all wonderful!! I got your name from Nicole Flint and Heather Kelly.
Michelle Vicencio

dani marie said...


E-mail me @

and we can set something up :)