Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bare It All Event this Weekend!!!

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Why Book A BIA Session?

It's in your bucket list.

It's your birthday, time to treat yourself

It's someone special's birthday :P

Heck, it makes a sweet gift for any holiday!
You are single and want to treat yourself~nothing is more empowering!

You are married~ time to treat them :X
You are about to get married~ These make the best wedding days I also shoot wedding :) (hint, hint).

What to wear to your BIA Session

-Little dress, fun and flirty or tight and sexy- this is to get some pictures you can show your mom. You can go commando right away if you want.
- Tee and boy shorts- or even hotter white tank top
- Boyfriend's shirt- A nice shirt and tie- His favorit jersey, maybe his robe, or even his pj bottoms
- Lingerie.

**TIPS** Remember to come comfertable to the session, if possible, don't wear a bra or underwear that will leave marks. Make sure to scrub your heels the night before and lather the lotion before coming like crazy....and lip gloss..or at least balm...want to watch out for cracked heels, dry skin and cracked lips...kinda runs the mood of the picture ;)

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