Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boys oh Boys~

My life is never short of boys to photograph, and funny that they seem to come in 3's :)

I loved these three, they had too much fun today at the farm for the shoot. They loved exploring every corner. I love boys, they are never dull and are always full of surprises. Nothing is better then getting a flower from one followed by a worm from the other! :)

Oh and thanks to mom and dad for being so cool! If you know my style you know we roll with the flow. I am not full of rules, so I loved that right out of the car one of the boys dived rolled in the grass, most parents get so worried that the kids don't look perfect. Well, my style is to capture them as they are...and since no one is perfect, a little grass on the knee helps you remember those little imperfect moments!!

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