Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Harmon Family | Barrington IL

I love showing up at a house and opening a door to big smiles from little my little clients. This weekend I got to photograph a little sister and her baby brother. First let me tell you that little girl, she will be a model, she just has to be, so watch for her. She has eyes that are so big and brown, beautiful hair, and a personality that shines like a star! Now let me tell you about her little brother, first you can see he also has those big brown eyes. But he wasn't so keen on getting his pictures taken, but then we found out his secret....he loves being naked!! You can tell once the clothes came off and this cutie pie was in all diaper he couldn't stop smiling!

Love it! And love them!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed I get to do their family pictures, because this is one beautiful family!

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