Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Have The Best Clients!!

OK, so really, I love doing what I do.  

I could spend my entire day taking pictures and I go home so fulfilled. But one thing that makes it even better is the people I get to work with.  I grew up in retail and sometimes I truly miss all the customer interaction, meeting hundreds of people each day was exciting to me.  So going out and meeting new people and taking pictures of them, capturing their emotions, feelings, and memories all on my little Nikon is the most amazing feeling.  I love becoming a part of their family for a day, becoming their friend, and essentially giving them a special gift to last a lifetime....a memory.

So I have to tell you nothing has made me feel as special as I do right now.  You see I love the pictures I give my clients, and I always hope they love them just as much.  But when they call me for baby pictures after photographing their wedding, or family portraits after photography their maternity pictures, or even asking me to take their pictures again, it's then I know they loved those pictures as much as I did.  I mean why else would they want more...right?

And there are photographers out there that have mind blowing work, let's take for example one of my favorites, Bobby and Lindsay Earle,  amazing work, can't compare.  They are who inspire me and where I hope to be one day.  And it's days like today that keep me motivated that maybe just maybe I'm not half bad at this.

So you are probably wanting me to get to my point right.  Well here it goes, I have the BEST clients, and I can say without a doubt....THE BEST clients.  So you may be thinking, no you do, or how could I, well let me tell you.  For a girl from Chicago who is living in the south for now...well let me just show you.  Take a look below for yourself.......

So do you understand.....the B.E.S.T clients!!

And not just one pizza....but FOUR!!

Now I just have to figure out which one of my clients did this...whoever you are if you are reading this....You made my day, my hubby's day, and our daughters day.  We are eating it up Chicago style tonight :)!!

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