Sunday, May 10, 2009

Natalie & Roosevelt

I was able to spend my Saturday with the amazing Natalie & Roosevelt and their friends and family.  I met Natalie over the internet and we got together a month ago to put the faces with the voices.  Friday was able to meet the super handsome Roosevelt which hopefully I was able to settle any nerves he may have had while I gave him a sneak peek at just how many pictures I take while at their rehersal dinner.  

You can see from the sneak peek pictures just how much they love each other.  Throughout the entire two days with them while watching through my lens I could always see him searching through the room to adore his beautiful bride.  They were so sweet!

Nat and Roosevelt, I hope you are having an amazing time on your honeymoon!!  


Natalie and Roosevelt Lewis said...

OMG...these pictures are GORGEOUS! Danielle, you were AMAZING and Rosie and I enjoyed working with you as much as you enjoyed working with us. Everything turned out beautiful and I'm so glad you were there to capture the memories. If we were doing it again we'd DEFINITELY do it again. Give us a couple years and we'll be back for the baby pics :)Thanks again for everything.

Enoch Photography said...

Dani... these are fantastic! ... I love that 5th one so much. Great job!!! //enoch

Melanie said...

Oh I love these pictures! Great job!

dani marie said...

Nat and Rosie (hehe love his nickname)
I am happy you like these, they are just the begining!
Tell your families I said hi!

Enoch- Your comments mean a ton to me, thank you for taking the time to let me know what you think. You do amazing work, if you ever need a second shooter let me know!

Melanie- thanks it was a beautiful wedding so it was easy to get great pics.

Anecia said...

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! I was part of the wedding party and it was alot of fun working with you.

You are incredibly talented and GREAT at what you do!

Natalie Lewis said...

Hola Dani! How are the pictures coming? Rosie and I are still enjoying our post honeymoon bliss. How have you been? I like the pic of your husband in the tree with your daughter. VERY cute :)

dani marie said...

Nat-- my sweet Nat!!

Sorry I have been traveling for shoots, this weekend I will be e-mailing you your password and link to began ordering :) YEAH!!

Natalie Lewis said...

Sounds good Dani! I'll be looking for the link :) Soon we'll need to talk about your services again...Rosie and I found out we are expecting!!!! I guess the honeymoon was good to us. If I'm not too big, I wanna do preggo pics. TTYL :)