Sunday, May 9, 2010

DOTsie TOTsie Photoshoot Sneak Peek~ Chicagoland Childrens Photographer

On Saturday I hosted the DOTsie TOTsie photoshoot. We had a dozen girsl come model all the many amazing hair clips, barets, headbands, and hair clips. The pictures are for the new and upcoming DOTsie TOTsie website. I will make sure to give you all an update when it goes live so you can see all the wonderful pictures that we took.

Thank you to all my amazing models that braved the cold wet weather. I know some of you drove twice as far as you actual shoot lasted. We tried to make each girls shoot as fast as possible so no one had to be out in the weather long.

Hope you enjoy our sneak peek! There are so many more beautiful shots!

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