Monday, May 17, 2010

Erin & Kevin Sneek Peek Park 2- Chicagoland Wedding Photographer

Oh Kevin and Erin....this was one of the best receptions....get ready to smile, these pictures are so much fun!

Love this, his date is getting down, and he is texting. LOL!

Yes...I was lying on the floor....I work it! Or maybe this is why my back is hurting.

Yes... he is using Jasons leg as an air guitar!

I love this picture, she is fierce and beautiful! She tore up the dance floor!

I would like to say this woman (the brides mom) was amazing on the dance floor, now I know where her daughter gets it from!

Yes, they did give out cheeseburgers, and to the song Cheeseburger in Paradise neverless!! Love it!

This was the name of the band that provided all the amazing songs. They were great, if you want a live band, which I love, these guys were REALLY good.

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