Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kevin & Erin Wedding Sneak Peek Part One~Wedding Photographer

What can I say about this wedding...or even this couple? Well let's start off with I love you both! I have known them forever....Kevin being one of my brothers best friends and Erin not only going to the same school but we had some mutual friends. I knew right away who she was when I was told Kevin was marrying her. She was..scratch that still is sooo beautiful. She has the most amazing eyes and hair. And one of those personalities that lights up a room. And Kevin..well Kevin is well...Kevin! LOL! He was the funny guy of the group, always so nice and sweet to me yet always had a smile on his face and a joke ready. So yes, I love them both! It was an honor photographing their wedding. It was insanely beautiful. I have to give mad props t Erin for planning this wedding, all her ideas and little creative touches really made this wedding stand out for me.

So I am doing a first on this blog. I am having more then one sneak peak. I can not help it, I love so many of the pictures. So the first sneak peek is of some details and the first half of the day. The reception is a whole nother story in itself. I mean when you mix food, drinks, dancing, blood...yes I said know you need more then one post.

So let's begin...

The beautiful wedding rings

I loved the flowers. In fact flowers were really the theme...bright colorful flowers.

Here are the table place cards...are they not amazing....if you are trying to figure out what's up with the fast food names...well keep reading and you'll learn.

Speaking of flowers, here are 2 of the flower girls!
And speaking of flower girls, I love that Erin let all her friends kids be a part of the day, they all got to walk down.

And here are all the boys, they got to carry swords with ribbons down. Aren't they adorable!

And I couldn't resist this one...he is sooo handsome!

You can see color is a theme....such a pretty cake, yummy too!

They got ready at her aunts house, which by the way was one of the most beautiful homes...I think they should adopt me so I can live there.

AYKM?? So hot! Erin had the best hair and makeup ladies from Park Avenue Hair Design in Libertyville. It's rare that the hair stylists and makeup artists work on not only making you look good, but make sure you feel good. They really were the sweetest ladies.

Look at those ladies working the camera!

Look at their ribbon belts, Erin came up with those. She also let each bridemaid pick their own color combo, again Erin rocks!

You can tell a good bride by her shoes! :)

Most of these boys played soccer together, so they wanted to do the traditional soccer team pose, if only we had a ball, I think Kevin has an imaginary one in front of him, LOL!

Yes...he has his tongue out...this is the best alter picture ever! :)

Aren't they beautiful! And the reception was at McDonalds headquarters in Oakbrook. I have never shot there before and I can now say I hope I get to again it was breath taking and one of the best venues I have ever worked at.

There you have it! See ya for Part 2 next!

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